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This section will allow parents and early childhood professionals to conduct online developmental screening on their children or the children they care for.

The screening tools  provided by AET! include the Ages & Stages Questionnaires-3™  (for children from birth to 5 years of age) and the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers- Revised with Follow Up Interview™  (for children 16-48 months of age).  For more information about each of theses tools, please visit the About Us page.

The steps for conducting the screening(s) are the following:

  1. Register yourself as a parent or professional, or as a parent giving permission (proxy) to a professional to perform the screening(s).
    • You will need to either use an existing Gmail account, or register for a new Gmail account in AET! if you do not already have one. Write down your User Name and Password and keep it in a safe place so you can enter the website again in the future.
    • When signing up for Google Gmail, you must do the following to complete registration (This is done during the sign up process for gmail):
    • Select "Accept" to allow to "Know who you are on Google"
    • Select "Accept" to allow UTHealth to "View your email address" and "View your basic profile info"
  2. Accept the terms of agreement, which includes consent to automatically :
    • Send an e-faxed referral, if concerns are noted,  to either the local, zip-code specific Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) provider (for a child from birth to 33 months of age) or the Special Education Department of the local, zip-code specific Independent School District (for children 33 months of age and older).
    • E-fax all results of  the screening(s) to the primary care provider (PCP) designated at registration; if there is no PCP, a list of local PCPs and their contact information will be provided to insure follow-up.
  3. Complete the screening process , either with the ASQ-3™  alone, the M-CHAT-R/F™ alone (if between 16-48 months of age), or with both the ASQ-3™ and M-CHAT-R/F™.
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